January 12, 2017

Banu Goshasp is an important heroine in Iranian mythology. She is the daughter of Rustam and the wife of the hero Giv. She is mentioned in several Persian epics including the Banu Goshasp Nama. In one of her heroic episodes, she battles with her father, Rustam due to not recognizing each other. Disaster is avoided in time when they realize each other's identity. In another episode, she battles with her suitors, most of whom are taken captives or killed by her. It is only Giv, who passes the tests and ordeals imposed by Rustam on his daughter's suitors. Giv comes out victorious and is set to marry her. However, on the wedding night, she overpowers Giv and binds him down. Rostam comes to the rescue of Giv and mediates between the two. The Iranian hero Bijan is born of their marriage. Her exploits are also explained in other epic works such as Farāmarz-nāma, Borzu-nāma, and Bahman-nāma.

Source: Wikipedia