February 23, 2017

Mariam al-Astrulabi or Al-'Ijliyah bint al-'Ijli al-Asturlabi also known as Maeriam al-Ijliya al-Astrulabi, Al-Asturlabiya and Al-'Ijliya, was a 10th-century female astronomer and maker of astrolabes in Aleppo, in what is now northern Syria. She developed and manufactured astrolabes, an astronomical and navigation instrument, during the 10th century. She was employed by the Emir of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawla, who reigned from 944 to 967 AD. The main-belt asteroid 7060 Al-'Ijliya, discovered by Henry E. Holt at Palomar Observatory in 1990, was named in her honor. 
Source: Wikipedia