March 21, 2017

Dihya or Kahina was a Berber warrior queen, religious and military leader who led indigenous resistance to the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb, the region then known as Numidia. She was born in the early 7th century and died around the end of the 7th century in modern-day Algeria. She was born in the early 7th century. Arab historians wrote that she was a Jewish "sorcerer", and because of this fact she was able to defeat the Arab Islamic invaders who retreated to eastern Tripolitania. For five years she ruled a free berber state from the Aures mountains to the oasis of Gadames (695-700 AD). But the Arabs, commanded by Musa bin Nusayr, returned with a strong army and defeated her. She fought at the El Djem Roman amphitheater but finally was killed in a combat near a well that still bears her name, Bir al Kahina in the Aures, and her head was sent to the caliph as a trophy.

Source: Wikipedia