March 20, 2017

Shote Galica (1895–1927), born as Qerime Halil Radisheva, was a Kachak of the Albanian insurgent national liberation with the goal of unification of all Albanian territories, and supporting a democratic national government in Albania. She has been declared a People's Heroine of Albania. She was born in Radisheve village of Drenica region, today's Kosovo. She was the sister of 6 brothers. She married Azem Galica in 1915. In 1919 Shote took part, in the Uprising of Dukagjini against the Serbian rule. and in the struggle against Serbs repression in Junik in 1912–23. In 1925 after the death of her husband, Azem Galica, She took over as a head of his guerrilla band and fought on together with Bajram Curri in Has of Prizren and Lumë. She is remembered for having captured a Serb military commander and a number of soldiers at Çikatova, in July 1927, she withdrew to Albania and spend her final months in Fushë-Kruja, where she died. Shote Galica was a virtual legend in her time. She is remembered for the saying Life without knowledge is like a war without weapons. In July 1924 she took part in the struggle for Drenica (Arbania e Vogël, Little Albania). In July 1925 after the death of her husband Azem Galica, she continued to fight and lead Kosovar-Albanian warriors. Along with hundreds of fighters from the former Kosovo Vilayet in December 1924, interventionist armies fought against Royal Yugoslav forces. She lost 22 of her family members in combat at the hands of the national security forces.

Source: Wikipedia