July 12, 2017

Eva Geiringer Schloss, MBE (born 11 May 1929) is a Holocaust survivor memoirist and stepdaughter of Otto Frank, the father of Margot and Anne Frank. Shortly after the annexation of Austria by Germany in 1938, the Geiringer family emigrated to Belgium and finally to the Netherlands. In May 1944, the Jewish family was captured by the Nazis, and brought to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camps. Her father and brother did not survive the ordeal, but she and her mother were freed in 1945 by Soviet troops. They returned to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where Eva continued her schooling and then studied art history at the University of Amsterdam. In November 1953, her mother Elfriede (1905–1998) married Otto Frank, father of Anne and Margot Frank, both of whom died in 1945. Schloss speaks of her family's experiences during the Holocaust at educational institutions. For her dedication to this work, Northumbria University in England awarded Schloss an honorary doctorate in 2001.  Eva Schloss is a co-founder of the Anne Frank Trust UK. James Still described her experiences as a persecuted young Jewish woman in the play And Then They Came for Me – Remembering the World of Anne Frank. Schloss has three daughters and lives in London.

Source: Wikipedia