August 10, 2017

Komako Kimura (1887-1980), also seen as Komaku Kimura or Komago Kimura in American newspapers, was a Japanese suffragist, actress, dancer, theatre manager, and magazine editor before World War II.

In 1913, Komako Kimura was cofounder of "The Real New Women's Association" (Shin Shinfujinkai) and editor of its journal Shin shin fujin. She traveled to New York in 1917 to participate in a suffrage march, to study English and the strategies of American suffragists, and to raise funds for continuing Japanese suffrage efforts. She made plans to publish a magazine in the United States, titled The Japanese Suffragist.

Komako Kimura acted most of the female roles in Shakespeare (in Japanese), and managed two theatres in Tokyo. "I am told that a dancing suffragist is something America does not quite understand," she commented in an interview in 1917. "We all have to have some means of a livelihood while we fight for our ideals." Source: Wikipedia