Femcyclopaedia is an art-advocacy campaign that strives to put women back into the narratives of history. Most school and college texts offer a male-centric historical account of events, and entire episodes of women’s contributions be it to STEM or to independence and freedom struggles around the world, have been relegated to footnotes at best, if not being entirely cut out.

As a result of ignoring and downplaying the contribution of women in history, there has been a constant devaluation of women and their role in society. Their contributions in shaping history and in creating change at each turn cannot be ignored - and doing so only keeps gender inequality alive. Constant gendered oppression stems from patriarchal thinking and beliefs that reinforce male dominance. When there is an outright act of ignoring the contribution of women, there is an unspoken message of invalidation of young girls and women. When we offer a male-centric history, we convey to women and girls that no matter what they may do, what change they may inspire and what action they may take, their narratives will be erased from history. 

Education is invaluable, and schools are the first springboard to awareness. Beyond emphasizing upon scoring a given set of marks, there is a desperate need to create citizens who can build a world of empathy. Violence has been normalised at different levels today, and it is a dangerous spiral we are headed towards as a global community. In any attempt to change the narrative, it is important to restore the balance in the information we offer that makes the narrative what it is. 

Femcyclopaedia is a conscious curation of doodled portraits of women from history, with a short note about their work.